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Prolong the Life of Your Mattress

mattress cleaning

Who knew just how much nastiness could be left inside a mattress, even with the protective covers that I know you’re all using – well Kate knows exactly what’s left behind because she cleans them ! Which not only help give your guests a fabulous nights sleep, but prolongs the life of the mattress. Also known as your investment!

Why Get a Mattress Valet?

In the podcast Kate tells us just how yucky the water and the vacuum filters are when they complete their cleans – the process also keeps your mattresses in tip top condition, giving a great sleep for your guests and prolonging the investment in your mattress for you.

The Ultimate Mattress Cleaning Service – Mattress Valet

Kate is the co-founder of The Fresh Sleep Company – the ultimate eco friendly, mattress cleaning and sanitisation service that gives you total peace of mind from the dirt you can’t see for a fresher, healthier and more comfortable sleep environment. 

It’s Cleaning & sanitisation for peace of mind from dirt you can’t see and a fresher and healthier sleep environment

Kate Attwood
  • We learn all about the creation of The Fresh Sleep Company and how it came about
  • We look at the service that Kate provides first of all – it’s a mattress valet service but what is that exactly?
  • Kate tells us how important a regular mattress clean is and how a clean sleeping environment affect sleep
  • Kate then scares us all with her knowledge on what actually happens to a mattress over time and she shares some facts that will most likely give you heeby-jeebies –
  • We talk about what they usually find in a mattress from a deep clean
  • We look at the importance of mattress cleanliness specifically for Holiday Home Owners – we chat bed bugs, anti-allergy, germs and more.
  • What to expect as a holiday home when they book a mattress valet
  • I ask if it’s safe and environmentally friendly and practicalities such as how long does it take to dry? How much time is needed? Can it be done between guests or is extra time needed – for example a day of having the property closed to allow for the work and the drying?
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  • We talk about the geographical areas that they cover
  • We chat about how often a mattress should be deep cleaned/valeted? 
  • I ask about the pricing and how to book a deep clean?
  • What can owners do themselves to extend the life of their mattresses?
  • Kate shares practical tips for on the spot cleans for any accidents or spills
  • We talk about the future of The Fresh Sleep Company
  • How can we get in touch with you – your blog shares lots of useful information too – what’s the website address? 

Get in Touch with Kate

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