087: Sean T Miller – Pointcentral – Smart Home Solutions
Ep_ 087 Sean T Miller Pointcentral - Podcast Recording & Release

Ep: 087 Sean T Miller – Pointcentral

Sean Miller joins us from PointCentral who provide Smart Home Solutions for the future focussed Vacation Rental owner. Their Vacation Rental Smart Home Solutions work to improve security, reduce energy costs, streamline operations and impress guests.

  • Sean tells us a little about his background and experience and how he started out in this Industry
  • He intros his role within PointCentral and tells us about the team behind PointCentral, who founded the company and their story 
  • We look at the Smart Home Solutions available from PointCentral and what is PointCentral’s role?
    • We talk about the assistance they offer from the beginning – deciding what smart technology would work for the particular short stay accommodation
    • Sean talks us through the detail on supply and set up, how much work to install everything and the costs involved
    • Ongoing support with something new, especially as big as getting smart home technology organised is going to need ongoing support- Sean tells us what Point Central do to assist moving forwards
  • We talk a little on ease of use once everything is installed and how  PointCentral is controlled
  • From a management perspective many units can be controlled by one single PointCentral Dashboard, which sounds like a huge time saver for management companies or those with several short term accommodation properties
  • Is PointCentral available worldwide?
  • What the requirements are for getting set up – Do we need wifi? in property and on device? Does it work on laptop/phone? How does it work for one unit? Several units?
  • Really importantly we look at the experience from a guest perspective, of staying in a Smart Vacation Home. Delve deep into what parts of the check in process are automated – delivery of info etc? What can they use once inside the property – compatibility with Amazon Echo & Google Home
  • Pricing and payment – is it a one off payment or a subscription? Bespoke per property? What sort of investment would it be for a Vacation Home Owner to get set up?
  • We talk about what the future is like for PointCentral
  • Sean gives us his opinion on where do you think the future of the short term accommodation industry is headed

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